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Monday, September 12, 2016

The True Meaning Of Aidiladha, According To Me

Aidiladha slaughtering ceremony
The celebration is a bit dull for my family this year as many of our relatives are busy and unable to celebrate the raya together with us here in Kuala Lumpur. Besides we only have one day off for this Aidiladha celebration. I barely remember that Aidiladha is just around the corner. Look how old I am getting at remembering those important dates!

Performing hajj
However we still manage to celebrate the raya with a moderate preparation that consists of lemang, rendang and ketupat palas. It is enough to enlighten the mood of Aidiladha for me. Things are different when my mom was around and now I have to move on only with the memory that can help me to go on. Being able to learn few cooking tips from my mom is truly priceless.

Aidiladha and hajj relation
The only thing that I really miss on Aidiladha celebration is the opportunity to check out the slaughtering of the cows which is to me, very priceless. It is significant to the actual meaning of the raya celebration itself, a sacrifice for the greater good. It is a valuable experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Performing the raya prayer
Appreciating the value and meaning of Aidiladha is the most beautiful thing that surrounds the raya celebration itself. You can never see a more enlightening way to celebrate a festival like what Aidiladha does to you. Besides the amazing food that it has to offer, the significant with slaughtering and pilgrim performance really made this a special occasion for you to appreciate. 

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