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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Abandon Your Cat? I Got Many Reasons For It!

Stop cat abandoning
Remember when you first got your kitten during your birthday, it looks pretty cute isn't it? It's big eyes and bubbly cheek really turns you on and excites you when you first run your hands on it's soft fur. Yeah, that is your first cat and it will be the one that will accompany you despite time. It will always be your best friend no matter what happen because it loves you as it's owner.

Feline looking sad
You watch it grows into beautiful feline and now it has more beautiful fur that makes you crazy about it. It lingers around your legs asking you for food and attention. It accompany you while you stay late doing your work and sat on your laps to comfort you. It licks your face when the alarm clock is ringing and it also takes good care of you by being by your side while you are sick in bed.

Save the cats
Now you find the love of your life, you start to ignore your cat as you come home late every time. You no longer have time to play with it and you sometimes miss the feeding time of your cat. Your priority shift but it still loyal to you. Your girlfriend however turns out to be non-cat lovers and you are torn between her and your cat.

Appreciate your cat company
Think about it again, is it necessary for you to abandon your cat just because your girl doesn't like her? You have been with your cat for so long and it has became almost like your family already. My suggestion would be - keep the cat and get rid of your girlfriend. Life is much better when you are single with your cat. Besides, it scratches better than most girls can!

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