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Saturday, September 3, 2016

How I Become Obsessed With H&M Menswear Collection?

H&M stores
I rarely shop for clothes when I first start working. I don't find that equally necessary because normally my late mom will do it for me so I rarely take note on anything related to style. However I think because I have to many fashion forward friends which slowly influence my way of dressing afterward. Although I still think that I don't need a fancy wardrobe but it is still okay to look presentable at least once in a while.

H&M entrance
I am very fussy in term of style that I mostly come back from shopping with empty hand. It is quite frustrating because I only like what I saw people wore on television. Either that or I won't go shopping at all so my friends have been trying to come up with a solution to help me choose my clothes wisely and more importantly, something that is easy in the eyes too.

Be stylish and fun
When this H&M brand takes the shopping destinations by storm, I am still not aware of it nor do I take any interest to find out more about it. But once I walked past their boutique and I am glued at the window. They have some of the designs that I can really pull off effortlessly. I'm not really talking about sizes right now but the whole concept. You can wear it at anytime and any function.

Menswear collection fall/winter
The best thing about H&M menswear is that it can fits on any occasion either formal or casual. Simply taken because it is plain, simple yet stylish in its own way. They take pride in giving the best for their customers and in terms of style and comfort, I can say that H&M will win you heart and brings out the best in you with their no-nonsense novelty.

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