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Sunday, August 28, 2016

How I Manage My Career Transition And Avoid Getting Stuck In One Direction

Career Transition
I bet everyone experience the same thing as what I am experiencing right now, career transition. And trust me you won't believe if I tell you it is my 6th job throughout my career progression since 2010. I always believe in fate and luck when it comes to choosing my future path. Rest is assured that I count on the people that is close to me for everything that I need in term of support and so on.

Nobody will respect people who continuously needs help from their parents in term of money. It is the right time to start earning yourself. I learn everything the hard way because I have experience getting ditch by a company who doesn't really know their business direction. But thankfully it is the matter of survival that counts here, not for me but for everyone out there.

Believe in yourself
My plan is simple, just go with what you believe you can do. Never go overboard with your dream because you should stick to what you know and learn how you can expand it better. I've been a web developer, web editor, writer and blogger it is not an easy path when you still don't know what your strengths are and where is your passion in.

Always give the best in what you believe is worthy of your full attention. You are not in it for a while but you are in it for a lifetime. A wrong step can have a deadly effect on you later. Once you know where does your passion really lies, you will learn how to use it to your own advantage later.

Finally remember that nobody is born perfect. I start from below and with totally zero knowledge and most things that I handle today. The more you meet with other people then the more you will learn because networking is the best way for you to absorb new knowledge. Working with other people helps you realize what is your worth.

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