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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Channel NewsAsia presents Electric Dream

Channel NewsAsia Presents :

·         Premieres Wednesday, 31 January 2018
·         8pm (SIN/KL/MNL) / 7pm (BKK/JKT) / 10.30pm (DEL)

Here’s the trailer here :-

Watch ELECTRIC DREAM online from 24 January : -

This is one of the fastest electric hypercars on earth.

With its bold tear-drop shape and even bolder technological ambitions, the Dendrobium has taken the automotive world by storm. Garnering acclaim are its startling 320 kph top speed, a spectacular design that has its roof and doors open up like an orchid, and, most notably, the fact that this car is created by an unknown startup from Singapore.

The company is Vanda Electrics, whose 12 employees are made up of mostly fresh graduates with zero experience in building cars. The chief designer comes closest with his resume – he had designed toys. With little capital, not much experience and, some may say, too many unrealistic dreams, Vanda Electrics has no business getting into the highly competitive car business.  

But they had the gumption to turn to Williams Advanced Engineering - the big-name British manufacturer behind the F1 racing team - to turn their electric dream into reality. The aim was to make the Dendrobium a brand-making project that would draw worldwide attention to their other products – an electric scooter, an electric utility truck and battery packs.

The Dendrobium made an international splash with her debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.  

 Response was overwhelming. The press loved it and news of the hypercar was featured in autoblogs around the world. That was when the Vanda team realised they could actually move their concept car into production. But this would require more money than they have. If they fail, Vanda will become a footnote in the history of electric cars. But if they succeed, this little company would disrupt the world’s automotive industry and possibly herald a new era in made-in-Singapore innovations.

ELECTRIC DREAM is Channel NewsAsia’s documentary about this little startup from Singapore with the mega ambitions.  With unique assess to the team, it charts the Dendrobium’s journey from Singapore to Geneva, gets on the circuit with CEO Larissa Tan, and finds out how the factories in China are helping to deliver Vanda’s other star products.

Larissa Tan, CEO of Vanda Electrics

Larissa is a key figure in the founding of Vanda Electrics. She, along with a research team, created a company specialising in electric vehicles. This would place them on the forefront of an unstoppable trend – the rise of electric vehicles.
Today, Larissa’s deep knowledge of marketing is being put to the test. Her task is to capitalise on the acclaim that the Dendrobium has garnered at the world’s premier motor show, and parlay it into a global marketing campaign that will sell the hypercar. The clock has started ticking.
The Vanda team has 18 months to roll out the first car, and during this time, Larissa has to make sure that the initial buzz over the Dendrobium does not fizzle out. Besides the hypercar, Larissa will also launch the Motochimp electric scooter in Japan. Being a startup, their marketing budget is far too small for their bold ambitions. How will Larissa come up with unconventional methods to reach out to potential customers and get investments? Can Vanda Electrics overcome these roadblocks and help usher in a clean, zero-emissions future?

Left to Right
Electric scooter – Motochimp, Electric hypercar - the Dendrobium and Electric logistics vehicle - Ant Truck.

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