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Sunday, September 24, 2017

IT Become One Of The Highest Grossing Horror Films Of All Times

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Yes, I don't have much expectation on the new adaptation of IT because I still not moving on from the 1990 version starring Tim Curry. For me, his version alone is already hair-raising and scary it almost causes me to have series of nightmares regarding clowns. But my friend still pushes me to see the new 2017 version so I will decide to give it a shot and have fun.

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Tremendously scary, I should give a round of applause to Bill Skarsgard and trust me, his version of Pennywise is downright horrifying and disturbing to see. The makeup and the unexpected behavior made this version a true jump scare and I could only pray that I will not be having clown nightmare again. He really made the role as his own by portraying beyond my expectation.

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There is, however, few jump scares and unexpected scenes that almost caused my heart racing and it was just too surreal watching the dancing scene of Pennywise, I heard that many people tried to make fun of the scene! :) By the way, the child actors are amazing and they do make a substantial plot to this movie even better than the original.

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I would say this movie deserves an A and 6 stars from my opinion and the best actor award should go to Bill who played Pennywise. He played it even better than Tim Curry and he made the movie is no doubt one of the best horror movies in 2017 along with The Conjuring and Annabelle. 

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