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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jom Taxi Launches "Free Ride To Hospital" Promotion For Senior Citizens

Courtesy of Jomtaxi Facebook

These days, our senior citizens are getting more privileges than what we are expected. They no longer have to get into the long queue to wait for their turn when paying bills. Even they are getting the best rates for LRT rides which I think is pretty awesome. Our senior citizens are being appreciated than what we believed and I am sure that this new campaign will definitely make all our senior citizens to smile the whole day.

Courtesy of Jomtaxi Facebook

Jomtaxi just launched its brand new campaign where senior citizens aged above 60 years old will be given free ride to the hospital. This promotion is another good course which the company is offering to our senior citizens and at the same time can provide a way for our senior citizens to be independent without the need to burden their children. Through this campaign, Jomtaxi is aiming not only to help the senior citizens but also their families.

Courtesy of Jomtaxi Facebook

We understand that during this busy era, people sometimes doesn't even have time to cater the specific needs for their families and working people even complains of not having time for themselves. Through this citizen cautious campaign, at least the parents will no longer miss their regular appointments with their doctors and they are given the appreciation that they deserve.

Courtesy of Jomtaxi Facebook
And the best thing is, your parents will be chauffeured for free when you engage with Jomtaxi! It is more than what you could ask for right? To me it is definitely something that I would go after as I also have my dad who is actually over 60 years old and he needs regular checkup to maintain his cholesterol level and to monitor his health from time to time.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, all you need to do is use the promo code as shown above and there you go! So if you really care about your parents and grandparents then hurry up because this promotion will end August 31, 2016. Download the app now and let your beloved parents enjoy free rides to the hospital without any worry.

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