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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Radiating The Red Carpet During Your Pregnancy

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Most pregnant women ignored the possibility of getting hot during their red carpet entry for parties, galas and celebrations because they do not realized that, contrary to popular beliefs that pregnant women can still manage to look hot and stunning without having to overdo anything. However many women out there struggle in choosing the best materials for their evening dresses because aside from looking glamorous they also want to be comfortable in the dresses that they wear. And in order to look gorgeous, women should not sacrifice comfort because pregnant women need to take care of their baby they are carrying inside.

So first choice I would recommend the Asos Maternity creation, embellished hip maxi exclusively made for comfort and glamorous look so many celebrities would go for such dresses. Preferably, the dark hip maxi will match for any function and it will help you to fit in with any theme either elegance or fancy. The material is super soft and it flows, making the belly to be able moving with ease without barrier that holds it too tight inside. This dress is also suitable to make the belly a lot less visible to the public because it is not too tight nor oversize, just right for you. Finished those up with a few accessories and you are ready to rock on the red carpet. You may have it with only RM328.

Next you might want to go for more vintage look in which it kind of a mix within 80s and 90s from Donna Morgan Maternity. According to a reliable source, this dress was made exclusively for A Pea in a Pod in black dot. The dress is custom made for pregnancy purpose because it had loosely designed skirt which flows down directly from the breast. The dots that really do the tricks, it distracted the people from noticing the baby bump so the people wearing the dress look chick as usual. It made pregnant women easier to breathe and the belly are not pressed too tight by the skirt. This goes beyond the usual maternity look but if you are looking for a chick look you might want to try this for only RM447.

And finally, if you looking for a younger look that easier to pull it off without being overdone, you can try the amazing collection from 3.1 Phillip Lim, a luxurious one shoulder top in lambskin and chiffon and paired it with J Brand maternity jeans. The jeans are custom designed for comfort especially for pregnant women and it make them look hot and fancy, that what they meant by looking younger. I truly adore the one shoulder top because the color that being used make it even more attractive and people would definitely forgotten that you are pregnant, as it really doesn’t shows. These are suitable for any occasion either for leisure or work you still can wear it without any consent. Get a hold on this style for only RM2,550 and you are always ready to look glam.

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