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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NovelPlus Reveal Its Face To The Public!

Yesterday at MaTic, Malaysian Tourism Center a vibrant and lively event has been held. Novelplus Sdn Bhd who build the state-of-the-art app that change the future of novel writing and publishing has just unveiled their highly anticipated app to the public for the first time on 16 December 2015 during the press and launch of Novelplus app. Everyone was at awe when they first come face to face with the cutting edge design and look of this new app which will forever change the way people read and publish. Furthermore, this event will highlight the best features that may caught the eyes of the attendees once they manage to see the app and get a closer look.

Novelplus has only one aim, to make self-publishing easier for the public. Malaysian who always has a story to tell and share with others. Realizing not many medium that enable them to do that, Novelplus offered a solution for them to encourage new talents to keep on producing great writings that can showcase their talents to the world. By bringing together writers and readers under one platform, two way communication can be done effectively between them. In other words, Novelplus is making self-publishing more fun and exciting. Getting rid of all the unnecessary procedures that writers normally experiences, Novelplus is a platform that new writers will go for.

So far the event is a huge success, filled with anticipation and excitement from the audience to learn and discover more about Novelplus. Novelplus general manager, Crystal Lai successfully delivered her speech and making the audience with her own storytelling of how the Novelplus' history is made and the statistics that made Novelplus a high on demand app in the market right now. Despite its target on Malaysian language, the users that downloaded the app boast from all over the world including Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Australia! I believe it is pretty cool and for a new app in the market, at this rate Novelplus has no problem to go far but with the right strategy.

Attendees are treated with a refreshing beverage and simple lunch after the event and medias are mingling with the staffs. Probably everybody was having a great fun, networking with others with the same interest and meeting with old friends whom they haven't met for a long time. Overall, the event is the turning point for Novelplus to continue its successful reign and competed with other similar apps and one day, Novelplus will be the major player in the novel publishing industry. Not only, there is a possibility for Novelplus to be a stepping stone for any future author to make their names in the industry soon.

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