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Friday, June 1, 2018

Good news, ARMYs – the extended version of BTS’s Fake Love has arrived!

Damn t, this is considered one of the best version for "Fake Love" that BTS has successfully released with added remastered guitars and rockier feeling. I messed up all night with this amazing version and true, BTS has just made this the right way.

By their variety of stages and different versions of the songs, I hope they will at least brought the English version of "Fake Love" because the song is just too good to be left like that. I believe Big Hit Entertainment has many plans for the celebratory season of the band since Festa is coming soon!

BTS’s video for the lead single from Love Yourself: Tear, Fake Love, has become a phenomenon, smashing the record for 2018’s biggest 24-hour debut and becoming the third biggest 24 hours YouTube debut of all time.
So being the generous boys they are, the K-pop idols have released an extended version of the MV for you to feast your eyes on.
#Blessed. The extended version of Fake Love is almost an entire minute longer than the original, giving the ARMY 57 more seconds of BTS goodness to get themselves through the day.
As well as featuring cutaway scenes, not in the original video, the song appears to have been remastered with added guitars and a slightly rockier vibe. And we aren’t complaining. The official ibigit YouTube channel posted the video today, and it’s already got nearly 500,000 views – although it has a while to go before it catches the 123 million views the original MV has achieved. A rep for YouTube told us that Vietnamese ARMYs have watched the Fake Love video the most, followed by fans in the US and South Korean ARMYs.

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