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Thursday, December 14, 2017

How I Get Excellent Acer Computer Replacement at Souqalb

“As a power user here in my freelance area of work, I always deal with problematic computers because of the heavy usage on the RAM and memory due to the extensive use require in order for me to run my photo editing and web management software which consume a lot of energy and memory.  However, in order to resume my work, I try to find the new ones by comparing the prices online.

My choice when it comes to buying computers is that I would look at these 3 first especially the performance, memory and the smoothness when I want to operate the computer every time I want to open them at any time. Whenever I want to open and close any application I want it to be fast and smooth without experiencing any freezing moment. Other than that, the computer should be light and easy to bring anywhere and most importantly, it should be affordable too.

I got bored with both options from going to the retail shops and the online retail because indirectly I am wasting my energy and time yet still can’t find the right option for my new replacement. I happened to come across Souqalb online shop which selling computers and other products at the unbelievable price and that’s how it caught my attention. In fact, they are selling the computers at such a low price and plus, there are no delivery charges for computer products!

Anyway, I placed an order with them on the 2K computer through direct bank transfer. The computer that I choose here is R3 series, because it happens to have all the criteria that I am currently looking for. The delivery time almost caught me off guard, just in time and the computer is still in good shape as if it comes directly from the factory. It is just being delivered to me within the 7 days period, so now thankfully my work can resume back to normal.

Thank you so much for the excellent customer's support team who has been helping me along the journey. Searching for your new laptop? Why wait, look it up at Souqalb your new place for your Acer computer needs!

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