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Monday, May 22, 2017

BTS The First KPop Artist To Win At Billboard Music Awards

As you have noticed today, BTS bag a huge win at Billboard Music Awards when they won the most coveted Top Social Artist Awards beating the likes of Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber. Apparently this hints the emergence of Asian music scenes in the wake of US dominating the entertainment industry.

Through their albums Wings and You Never Walk Alone, BTS has shown the world their extraordinary talents and walked out with huge winning on every awards functions. As an ARMY myself, I am proud that BTS finally received the limelight that they deserved and it is due to their hard work and the never ending support from the fans all throughout their career.

Being the first KPop artist to ever win the Billboard gives a brand new meaning to this boyband group and hopefully their creativity will continue to inspire us all in the near future. For those who are still n the dark, they have released two chart-topping singles Spring Day and Not Today both packed with different flavors.

Fashion wise Taehyung aka V stole the show with his polka dot shirt and suit and I believes he is truly a sharp dressed man. I just knew that he is a fan of Gucci brand so it will not be something that is out of the extraordinary. Wish BTS all the best for their future comeback and let's celebrate!

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