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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dreams Become Reality At Dinosaurs Come Alive Brought By SkyWorld

Skyworld is a well-known property management company and I really didn’t expect something so awesome when I was invited for the event they are hosting last Saturday but, it really goes beyond my expectation when they announce that they are holding a Dinosaurs Come Alive exhibition. I am a die-hard fan of dinosaurs and I have seen all Jurassic Park movies if you know what I mean.

Another great thing is that through that sort of expo, the company can also share among the attendees about the future development projects regarding condominiums and apartments and by far I have seen some of them which were pretty fascinating. But the idea of combining a dinosaur exhibition with this, I still don’t know how relevant this can be.

The expo starts with the registration of the attendees and some of them are invited as Medias, like me because I am a blogger so it could be one of my prerogatives of being one of them. I mean I love Dinosaur World and having the opportunity to join this show is a perfect experience to relive my childhood dream again.

Then, the event continues with the amazing dinosaur show which is handled by one of the employees there and she was hilarious and catchy too. She delivered her role as the dinosaur guardian really well and I feel like a child once again once they open the door and T-Rex comes out from the room roaring its way around the stage. Typically a robot dinosaur but the sound system does a great job to make it seems like a reality.

They present us with 4 dinosaurs all over with funny sketches in between the show just to enlighten the mood for those who have been waiting for quite long for the show and plus, they also entertain us with some entertaining dance moves which I think I should give them a big round of applause.

The event ends when we moved to the other corner for an afternoon break where we are served with the oriental cuisines. Although not really my cup of tea yet still it is an entertaining weekend opening for me.


  1. Wah memang menarik bila dapat tengok dinosaur...

    Kalau di penang kena bayar nak tengok dinosaur besar

  2. Betul tu nak juga tengok yang kat Penang tu