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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obstacles concept of 'threshold measures'

No doubt when this drama that fills every slot in Akasia TV3 become the number one fans.
It is also a benchmark to trip someone new and old actors.
Recently, replace the love drama starring Wilson and Sharnaaz March Zahirah Ahmad is Hello Mr Perfect! which was released yesterday. The 28 episode drama series combines handsome actor, actress Fattah Amin and new, Ruhainies Zainul Ilyas.
The publisher, A Aida said, drama adaptation of the novel featuring a storyline different from most other drama adaptation.
Aida also has high hopes that this drama is able to achieve high volume performance thus creating a phenomenon among local drama fans.
"As a publisher, of course I have great hope for this drama because it is adapted from the famous novel and a 'best seller' Miss_Waniey work.
"Most importantly, the story is very interesting. That's what makes me confident, "he said.
According to Aida, considering that this drama is based on an adaptation of the first novel derivatives, so he should be more careful and do not want to arrest download.
Commenting on the casting, Aida said, it is the agreement and discussions with the TV station.
"No question of fear when combining old and new actors as a couple hero and heroine. There are plenty of drama from the same slot using the same formula and the results are successful.
"However, as my publisher scripts, and still maintaining the casting number two. I believe that the script and produced a good story, it is sure to produce quality drama, "he said.
Aida also has become a habit when he first read the script and then finding a suitable actor.
"So far, people know my productions often feature well-known actors. But for this drama I really want to put forward new people.
"Not what, the story is more to teenagers. That's why I chose Fattah because he is fan of this group, "he said.
Dramatic results Mazelan Manan writing again using creative services Nuad Othman duties.
"I can honestly say, Nuad between directors 'versatile' and has its own art in the lead. I've directed many dramas. Thank God, everything is and I am satisfied.
"In addition, as viewers we got tired of seeing the results of his cultivated since he got an idea in addition to featuring 'snapshot' of interest in each round. Do not be surprised if I'm comfortable working with a director, "he said.
In addition to the title of publisher, Aida also acts as a composer and lyricist for this song drama theme Sorry Sorry dear singing the Nomad.
In addition to Fattah and Ruhainies, Kaki Novel drama actor also fielded as Ezzaty Abdullah, Rafiq Razali, Datuk Yusof Eizlan, Zaidi Omar, Fiza Halim, Mary Kay, and Siro, Adiba Yunus, Chomel Fana, Nafiez Zaidi, Mimi Ernida, Ammar Alfie and many others.
Hello, Mr Perfect! tells Ariff (Rafiq Razali) and Ainul couples who want to get married, but are hampered by her brother, Izzul (Fattah) unmarried.
Their families have a tradition when a young can not even draft sill step down if it's just that on it are women.
More confusing when families Ainul only give six months to Arif, if not Ainul will be married to someone else.
Arif had appealed to Izzul and willing to find a mate for her brother, but it is not as easy as expected because his brother men who are very concerned about perfection.
Almost all candidates sought Arif dismissed because it does not meet the desired criteria. When the blind to find a mate for her brother, a good friend Ainul that appear Alya Adriana (Ruhainies).
In the clutter, Ainul make recommendations to Alya Izzul to accept the proposal because he would receive RM500,000 as remuneration, but not known Arif.
Take a copyright compatibility
Given Fattah acting along with two new cast as the sister of Rafiq Razali and Ruhainies as heroin, drama actress Plan Cinta Tak So this may not always be easy to obtain compatibility.
"Admittedly should take the time to get the perfect compatibility. But its production should pursue the release date, so we had to practice on-site.
"For me it is a challenge, so I have to deal with it properly so that each round was imperceptible awkward. I used to be where they are, so I understand.
"What I do is try to help them in terms of acting in the same time the director also gave a lot of guidance," he said.
Fattah said, he received offers from interested parties Aida Production A story as scenes of sweet stout.
"After reading this novel, I immediately fell in love because most of the plots are not sweet and romantic exaggeration.
"When ditayangakan in Akasia slot, in the mind of the audience must be many such scenes. But it is not as it displays a lot of sweet action, "he said.
Meanwhile, Ruhainies, 23, who is also the brother of actress, Risteena this Munim should shoulder the three characters at a time. It is characterized as a big challenge for her to mention as an actress.
"Pleasantly surprised when I was told I should also enact three different characters. The most difficult for me was the antagonist and at the same time be a teaser.
"Stressed is normal, but the director, crew and other actors very helpful. They got tired of teaching me because each wants to give the best results in this drama, "he said.
Related mate with Fattah, Ruhainies admits he has much to learn, especially about finding harmony with your partner.
"Feeling nervous waiting for the audience reaction and feedback. Honestly, I was ready dikriktik can not act. But I will accept it with an open heart. I hope the audience as I understand new actors, "he said.
Just like Ruhainies, Rafiq Razali, 21, also was thrilled when first given great character in the drama.
"Before this, I often pursue roles as an extra. But in this drama I was a younger brother of Fattah. Let the character diberiikan very large because most of the scenes involving the two of us.
"Unlike the previous character, this time I played with a lot of emotion. Therefore, I had to focus and I can play. Thank God, acting with Fattah very fun to mention this before we acted once even got a lot of scenes together, "
he said.
Rafiq election for the success of this drama after he was selected in an audition organized by TV3 in conjunction with KL Drama Festival (DFKL 2015) recently.

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