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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Actress Of The Week: Amyra Rosli

At first glance, the new face of actor Jim identical Amyra Indonesian actress, Nia Ramadhani popular telenovela through Onion Garlic ever invented phenomenon among Malaysian fans.

These factors may be advantageous for a 22 year old girl from Kuala Lumpur. However, Amyra admitted a little stuffy when equated with popular actress of Indonesia.

Amyra who began acting in 2011 through the drama Supermax actually want to be independent without relying on others. Furthermore, after three years of study in the field of Theatre at the Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (South Province), he wants to show their own talent to the community.

"A lot of the knowledge gained from teaching there as an actor, Marlia Musa. Although already graduated, I still respect him for seeking views and advice.

"Actually, since my school days I was active in cultural and traditional dances. However, as they grow older, his interest shifted to acting. It causes me to apply to continue their studies in the South Province, "he said.

According to the girl's real name is Nur Amira Izzati Rosli, fulfill the learning modules, he was often involved in theater under the guidance of Marlia.

"You know, because they are new and inexperienced, I was just playing a little. Entering next year, Marlia started giving me the confidence to bring the main character, "he said.

Unlike other actors, Amyra easier to move themselves across the opportunity to act. After Supermax, she decided to send the profile to KL Motion for acting offers.

Turns out provision in his favor when he was offered a starring popular drama, which also stars Christmastime Scha Al-Yahya, Reen Rahim Kamarudin Dazrin.

"I went to the audition with a great hope. For me, this session is not difficult as long as we are able to appreciate the character of the given time.

Thank God, I finally managed to pass the test for the acted drama Khai's instructions.

"I was only acting as an assistant to Scha, but it still left a great impression on the audience, especially my own. Christmastime drama caused many recognized and reprimanded me every time we meet, "he said.

Other dramas starring role was in Love and latest correspondence, the eldest of four siblings, was recently completed acted drama Love and Revelation with Adam Korie, Catriona Ross, the young and the Imam Muda Nazrul.

"I am in favor of living as never received an offer to act. Every time involved in the production, convinced to give the best results. In fact, I think what is going to be a learning process for the greater good.

Talking about competition with other actors who are also looking for opportunities in acting, Amyra described it depends on fortune. He did not worry as long as it takes place in a healthy competition.

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