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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Watch now: PETA's shocking new fur exposé!

Dear all,

Watch the video! The fur industry has a dirty secret, but a new PETA video narrated by Olivia Munn—already seen by more than 850,000 people in just a few weeks—is helping to expose it.

The never-before-seen footage shows workers on a fur farm gripping a dog's head in a wire noose, restraining her, and genitally electrocuting her with a metal rod.

The film also features harrowing scenes of workers bludgeoning raccoon dogs, cutting off rabbits' heads, and shattering live animals' bones by throwing cages crammed with dogs and cats from the top of a truck to the ground.

In this year alone, more than 2 million cats and dogs will be slaughtered for their fur in China, and their pelts will be made into garments sold in the U.S. and Canada. Animals like the ones we share our homes with—our beloved family members—are being abused and cut into bits for their fur. It's bone-chilling and heartbreaking, and the video is hard to watch. But you can turn your sadness and anger into action to stop this by helping to wake people up and dry up the demand for fur.

PETA's undercover investigations and rescue efforts stop animal abuse cold, and you can help by joining PETA's Investigations & Rescue Fund.

Exposing cruelty in the fur industry, in laboratories, on factory farms, or wherever else it occurs can take many months and an estimated $60,000 for each case that we investigate. And when you add to that the more than 17,000 calls fielded by PETA's Emergency Response Team every year, you can clearly see that these lifesaving efforts for animals require significant—and reliable—financial resources.

Thankfully, PETA's Investigations & Rescue Fund, supported by wonderful members like you, is there to help when suffering animals need us the most. This vital fund is driven by dedicated PETA supporters whose monthly gifts keep PETA investigators and rescue teams in the field and helping animals. Won't you please help us stop hidden cruelty and save animals by joining the Investigations & Rescue Fund?

Ending the cruel killing of animals for fashion or any other reason requires a sustained and monumental effort. But we're up to the task and hope you will stand with us.

Thank you for everything that you do for animals. They need you urgently.

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