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Friday, May 29, 2020

Calpis partners with Siti Nordiana to organize virtual reunions for frontliners

29 May 2020, KUALA LUMPUR – Truly titled as the unsung heroes, frontliners in Malaysia have been working round the clock, doing their best to flatten the COVID-19 curve irrespective of circumstances. With Hari Ray celebrations rounding the nation, Calpis – Japan’s first cultured milk drink – has put together a goodness filled initiative to bring together frontliners and their families on a virtual platform to welcome the festive season through the Calpis ‘Loves your Guts’ campaign.

The Hari Raya season always reminds us of open houses, pre-Raya shopping, balik kampung trips and the excitement of reuniting with family and friends. This year however, we will see subdued Raya celebrations across the country as adering to social distancing protocols becomes a norm. Cultivating goodness, Calpis has made the festive season a little more memorable for our frontliner community. Partnering with its’ ex-brand ambassador, the charming Malaysian celebrity and local favourite Siti Nordiana or otherwise known as Nana, Calpis planned a surprise filled reunion for the frontliners and their families.

Together, Nana and Calpis have identified frontliners through various social channels who haven’t been able to return home in a long time while valiantly serving the community through the COVID-19 crisis. Leveraging technology, Calpis mediated a virtual family reunion for these frontliners with Nana joining the call as a surprise, adding some cheer to their Hari Raya celebrations. The frontliners and their families also received a Calpis hamper worth RM150 as a token of appreciation for their effort and a reminder that Calpis ‘gut’ their backs.

“The holy month of Ramadan and celebrations like Hari Raya, truly call for the need to be close with one’s family. Since the onset of the pandemic, frontliners have given their all to keep us safe. Many of them haven’t seen their families and loved ones in weeks. To express our gratitude for these selfless actions of the frontliners, we wanted to create something memorable to put a smile on their faces. And what better way to do so than a family reunion and a chat session with Siti Nordiana! We truly hope that the frontliners enjoyed this surprise we planned for them,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business at Etika Sdn Bhd.

To identify frontliners for the Calpis Loves Your Guts campaign, Calpis activated the conversation on social media, encouraging their consumers and fans to list down unsung

heroes who deserve a special something this season! This humble request received an overwhelming response as netizens started tagging frontliners from various backgrounds including riders, F&B operators and public volunteers with the list still growing. At the same time, Calpis jumped into action by arranging these virtual reunions, spreading cheer to the frontliners and their families. The campaign culminated with a video creation, recalling the virtual reunion to be featured on the brand’s social media – as a reminder that positivity and goodness always shine through, even in times of crisis.

Stay tuned for the Calpis ‘Loves Your Guts’ campaign full video featuring heartwarming moments with our unsung heroes, their families and Siti Nordiana on the Calpis Malaysia Facebook page, that will be released in the first week of June!

To find out more information on Calpis, please visit Calpis Malaysia’s Facebook page at

Calpis is a refreshing, tasty cultured milk drink that has its roots in Japan since 1919. Calpis contains no preservatives and is fat free. It is currently available in original, mango, grape, strawberry and fibre with less sugar range which comes in orange and lychee variants. Calpis cultured milk drinks are sold in 350ml and 1L bottle. It is distributed in Malaysia by Etika Sdn Bhd.

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