I am a former webmaster, I start my journey in the information technology cycle as a developer before I realize the role doesn't fit me very well. I want to expand my horizon more and from there I learn to be a graphic designer for a brief while. I learn a lot from friends around me and from there I risk myself to take a step into blogging.

Blogging isn't an easy thing to commit especially if you are busy with your professional life that requires you to dedicate your time for a certain project. Yes, I become a webmaster for years until now, I manage my own celebrity fan sites that includes Alyssa Milano Central, Hugh Jackman Central, Shannen Doherty Central and the latest one, Korean Pop Central.

I want to do what I love to do, something that will put a smile on my face. I hate to be a hypocrite who mask themselves from their true nature. I love being myself. I don't need publicity because I have no idea how to live with the spotlight! It just a matter of time that someone will know what is your worth.

Now I am a freelancer, maintaining my sites and also doing part time blogging as part of my fun times. I am open for any opportunities and I love everything regarding web administration and web content. It is just something that has been with me since I graduated.

Besides that, I also involves in writing novels and short stories for both Malay and English and published authors for Go Asia Plus and Lelaki Sihat. I think that is enough I tell you more when the times come soon. For now enjoy browsing around!

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