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Sunday, March 19, 2017

MyTown Shopping Center, The Pearl In The Center Of Kuala Lumpur Triangle!

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MyTown Shopping Center, The Pearl In The Center Of Kuala Lumpur Triangle!

Once the place is popular with its largest around Malaysia's IKEA, not it adds another fascinating shopping experience to the KL people around with the latest shopping mall in town that opened it's door on 16 March, MyTown Shopping Center. It looks as if it is attched with IKEA so what more could you ask for?

To my surprise the opening is really a grand one, something I rarely see throughout my career as a blogger and the atmosphere is highly anticipating. There are actually a lot of things that they manage to offer besides unlimited shopping spree. There are trucks selling foods which can make you full the whole day while you were there, entertainment that will keep you going on and prizes to be won.

For me who loved shopping, I believe that MyTown is a convenient place for me if you minus the traffic jam that occurred every time you head there during lunch hour. Fascinating offerings and variety of choices, you'll get your inner shopaholics screaming to let loose once you step into this amazing mall.

Although there are still a lot more to come here soon, still it is better than nothing. Although yes, I am a bit sad for not being shortlisted on the Goosey Selfie contest but still it given me the idea that there are a lot more for me and everyone else soon. So let's just keep our eyes opened for their every announcement soon!

Photos credit goes to MyTown Facebook! :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

KL Gateway Opening Didn't Live Up Much To Our Expectation

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KL Gateway Opening Didn't Live Up Much To Our Expectation

Hi all,

Last month i got a chance to attend the opening of KL Gateway shopping mall which is located downtown at Bangsar Area or nearby the Universiti Station if you are familiar with taking the LRT. Apparently since I come a bit late I missed the official opening ceremony. My bad! But the location is strategically placed and it is the center of attention for people around that area.

However during the opening, I still find that the shopping mall haven't be given the finishing touch yet. If you know what I mean, there are no signs of KL Gateway there so that should have been put into account when they decide to open the other malls next time. There are still many unfinished interiors that really messed up the whole atmosphere.

One more thing, I found out that there aren't that many shops that have opened on that day so for me who come from afar, it is quite a frustrating experience. At least most of the shops should already be opened by the time the launched the mall so it will be more convenient for the shoppers who want to try the shopping experience there.

The other thing that quite bothering me is that I couldn't find any food court where I could refresh myself after the coverage. I am so hungry when I arrived there and I was so frustrated when I couldn't find any proper food court or restaurant inside especially the halal food. I advised them that they should properly opened the mall when all the facilities are completed.

I should say this is not one of my brightest moment so I'll give it just an average point!