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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finally Sunway Velocity Mall Is Launched With Few Things To Be Upgraded!

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Finally Sunway Velocity Mall Is Launched With Few Things To Be Upgraded!

On December 8, Cheras area will be rejoiced with the opening of their brand new mall which is located at Taman Cheras nearby Cheras Police Station, with dozens of exciting shopping experiences offered to them in a simple yet distinguished way.

A phenomenon which I can say, because the mall itself is packed with people from all over the area.

Well I guest nobody want to miss the chance to witness the gala of the opening and celebrate the brand new landmark that will transform the Cheras area in the early 2017.

Since I arrive there a bit late, the opening ceremony has already ended but I can still see dragon dance around the area to spread prosperity around the area and every shop there.

Majorly anchored by Parkson, the Sunway Velocity Mall has a lot to offer such as H&M, Uniqlo and Aeon supermarket too. For juice lovers, you will be thrilled that there are a lot of juice shops here just waiting for your arrival.

The arrangement of the stores are simple yet still it looks pretty neat and decent. But the orange color that they incorporated to the mall makes it a bit tacky.

The only things missing during the mall launching are the weak internet connection, terrible phone reception and some of the visitors there have trouble paying due to the credit card system failure.

And the one thing they should put under consideration is putting the ATM machines up and running as soon as possible. Overall it is a nice change of place that you need sometimes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Have You Participate With Lazada Online Revolution Yet?

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Have You Participate With Lazada Online Revolution Yet?

Have you start participating with Lazada Online Revolution yet because if you don't, you are missing a lot dear! Starting officially on 11 November, you are on your way of getting best price and great discounts on many related products from techs, beauty, babies and others. Besides you will be able to enjoy rewards in form of gift vouchers from Lazada too!

I attended the launch of the campaign a month ago and is truly overwhelmed with what they are offering at the moment. Starting the program with light refreshment, the event kicks off with the introduction of the program which is one of the biggest sale event of the year for Lazada.

There are however many bloggers that involved with the program and some of them are expert in this affiliation program. Manage to catch the sight of some veteran bloggers that admired most and I think it will be a great experience to collaborate with a huge online shopping platform as you will get a hands on experience in e-commerce as well.

I might say that this program might be another runway success for Lazada if everything is done right! The items offered are just what you need at the moment, and chances are that it might catch the attention of your blog's visitors if you are lucky. Equipped with great skills in marketing and how you promote them, it can be a great collaboration to participate with.