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Saturday, June 4, 2016


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Usually, during the last trimester of a woman’s pregnancy cycle, nothing seems to look great on her anymore. Everything looks weird and with the baby bump growing, you look like you are almost exploding. Searching for good dresses for galas and dinner will no longer an exciting routine and you may think that you are no longer presentable to follow your beloved husband for any kind of parties he is going. Well there are some solutions for women out there who experienced this kind of period and contrary to popular beliefs, you still can look fabulous and glamorous, just with a few touches up and right choice of clothing. Just follow this few tips and examples that might help you to go through this process with a smile.

First, you should not get stuck with the same old boring maternity dress for 5 days in a row; you might want to change your style a bit. Add some colors to your appearance by playing with mix and match for your blouses and pants or accessories to brighten up the mood. Use bright and sunny colors in your clothes and please, avoid all the dark colors. Play around with shawl or jacket to hide your baby bump from the public, well in my words I don’t mean that you have to hide it but don’t make it too visible. Change your appearances twice in a while using the same tips as above.

Choose loosely kind of dresses and blouses during your last trimester because this will make your baby bump look less visible to people. There are various kind of dresses and blouses that you can go for, example like the one that American actress, Alyssa Milano worn during every premieres that she attended. The one-shoulder strapped black dress looks perfect for pregnancy and it make the person wearing it even more appealing and stylish. Talk about pregnant with style, playing with colors according to the place and time we are going determine how well we will look to the public. Also wearing shiny colors like gold and silver will also make the person look fabulous but most importantly, the person who wearing it should be comfy or it will ruin everything.
Wearing loose pants and skirts may even help a pregnant woman to look presentable during all occasions, either going for a walk or shopping you still manage to look your best with these. I once remember a woman about 7 months pregnant trying to pull it off with shirt and jeans; finally it did not seem right. Please avoid wearing tight clothes while you are pregnant because it is bad for your health and also not stylish. Try the loose pants at Ms Read, it was even more comfy and perfect for every occasion. The pants made from pure cotton and had two layers so it will not be very transparent as the pants’ material was so thin.

There you have here, a lot of dos and don’ts and tips for women who want to pull it off effortlessly during the final trimester. Follow these advices and tips to help you make your pregnancy look perfect and glamorous. You can still look stunning and picture perfect even when you are carrying your baby bump all the way, the only thing matters are how you choose your clothes and how you play with them. Have a blissful day.

Malaysia Is Asia's Favorite Conference And Exhibition's Hotspot!

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Malaysia Is Asia's Favorite Conference And Exhibition's Hotspot!

Malaysia has ever since been voted Asia’s ‘Best Destination for MICE 2014’ by Business Destinations magazine. The magazine yearly lists a number of reasons and aspects on why the country really deserves the award as most attractive destination for MICE - meetings, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions.

First, Malaysia is best known for its strategic location at the center of south-east Asia, between the booming economies of India, China and the Middle East. Over 60 airlines continuously provide direct access to Malaysia, from over 100 destinations worldwide. Further, Malaysia happens to possess a strong track record especially when hosting successful conferences, with always contributing in record-breaking attendances. It is rapidly rising as the main port of call for many international meetings.

Malaysia is completely equipped with cutting edge and purpose-built convention centers and meeting venues. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has already be a perfect fit with a 3,000-seat plenary hall, 22,659sq m exhibit space and ample breakout rooms. It is also currently undergoing further expansion in order to cater to the increasing demand, with an additional 12,500sq m of meeting space, which is due for completion in 2017.

Another that is slowly becoming the world-class convention center in Malaysia is none other than the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). BCCK, which is conveniently located in the eco-friendly state of Sarawak, can easily accommodate up to 5,000 delegates. Are you currently seeking for more well-known MICE destinations that reside within Malaysia?

Try the Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Penang Waterfront Convention Centre. And of course, you must not forget about Kuala Lumpur. In KL, you can try the new MATRADE Exhibition Centre, which already completed since 2015, will later be the largest exhibition Centre with a well-developed floor space of over 90,000sq m.

Are You Looking For A Cheap Flight To Malaysia?

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Are You Looking For A Cheap Flight To Malaysia?


Air Asia is, by far, one of the least expensive airline options for you to fly; regardless of your embarkation point (Malaysia is Air Asia's hub). Air Asia dynamically handles all of the domestic and international flights within Asian regions, while Air Asia X manages to cover international flights to and from all other countries. Malaysia Airlines is a great alternative to Air Asia or Air Asia X. This airline is being operated by the government of Malaysia and though it might be a bit more costly, they do serve much better food, have larger planes with far more spacious cabins and may be preferable for you during extended flights


If you are planning to travel from another Asian country into Malaysia, it may be far easier to fly into one of the less populated airports, like Penang International in Western Malaysia or Kota Kinabalu International Airport, which specifically serves East Malaysia. You might as well check package options that will include a specific airport. Both Air Asia and Malaysia Air have established partnerships with most of the destination hotels that may later influence your ultimate decision.


Domestic flights between cities can be easily accomplished as both Air Asia and Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, conveniently offer extremely attractive fares. In fact, some Air Asia domestic tickets are rather much cheaper than local bus fares especially if you book during a promotional period.


Planning in advance for any trip is always to your advantage. Decide which areas of the country that you would like to visit and try to make detailed travel plans. Booking online will usually help you to save you money, but local travel agents might be better at getting the best deals on packages. Also visit the websites for Air Asia and for Malaysia Airlines in order to take advantage of any promotional fares or packages that may be in effect during the time you plan to travel.